“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.”  
William Gibson

Virtual Technologies for the Real World

At Steamroller Digital, we have been using VR in training and meetings for over a decade. We aren’t just VR developers, we are also real-world trainers. Our goal is simple - to bring the power of virtual reality to the training and meetings industry, in a form simpler, more effective and easier to use than ever before.

Why VR?


Virtual technologies can simulate real-world situations, safely, while saving time, money and potential mistakes.


Multi-user VR training is more effective than web-based training, restoring a real classroom participation dynamic.


Virtual meetings restore a group dynamic not possible in videoconferencing or web-based meetings.


With the ability of real group participation combined with advanced visualization, VR meetings promote true collaboration and “outside the box” thinking.


VR systems help visualize hard-to-understand situations and systems.


VR meetings and training are as effective as in-person meetings, saving time and money over travel.

Multiple Platforms for Targeted Results

About our Founder

Joel R. Rollins, CTS-R

Joel R. Rollins is well known throughout the professional electronics industry for his contributions to industry training and his extensive background in AV and VR technologies. 

During his three decades of experience in the professional AV industry, Joel has designed AV/Presentation facilities for corporations such as AT&T, IBM, Ford Motor Company, NCR and EDS, and directed the staging of the Microsoft Global Summit in two consecutive years, prototyping dozens of events and systems in VR as part of the design experience. In addition, Joel has been an active contributor to the International Communications Industries Association (ICIA) educational programs. His contributions include co-authoring Multimedia and VR courses, and authoring several phases of ICIA global curriculum. In 2001, Joel received the ICIA Educator of the Year honors for his contributions to the development of the professional audiovisual industry.

Joel is a past member of the ICIA Board of Governors and has served as the chief designer for the annual Interactive Presentation Center of the Future (IMPCF), a special event held at INFOCOMM. He is a frequent public speaker, appearing at venues including Infocomm, COMDEX, Siggraph, NCGA, Meeting Professionals International, and the Integrated Systems Expo in Amsterdam. Currently, Joel hosts a podcast series on the AV and VR industries, is the monthly columnist for rAVe’ Rental and Staging e-newsletter, and contributes to several other prominent industry journals.

Joel can be reached at joelrollins@mac.com

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